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I love this quote I came across in the February issue of O Magazine by Oprah, “A healthy life is one that’s lived with the goal of making your body and mind feel nourished and alive.”   I started a weight training program several weeks ago with a friend and I’ve been trying to eat a little less sugar.  I still have room to improve on some of my eating habits, but I’ve tried to be a little more conscious about what I’m eating.  I still enjoy sweet treats  just not several times a day, seven days a week which used to be my norm.  I’ve noticed that I crave sweets when I’m feeling anxious, stressed or depressed.  The fact that I’m a woman and have hormones which fluctuate every week doesn’t help matters.

I’m very blessed in many ways, but I’ve been feeling stressed out this Spring.  My son will be graduating in May and in addition to all of my usual spring projects like planting flowers and sorting through closets, I have a party to plan.  If you need motivation to get some long overdue projects done in your house, just plan a party.   I can never focus on one thing at time so I’m redoing my half bathroom, purchasing new patio furniture, redoing my gallery wall in my upstairs hallway and have piles of things to get rid of in my basement.  In the meantime I receive a new email every day about a deadline that needs to be met for graduation.  I’ve also been scanning Pinterest for graduation party ideas.   My head has been swarming with to do’s, deadlines, and ideas.  I’m also attending the SNAP conference, doing a makeover on the look of my blog,  and celebrating a few family birthdays these next two months.

I’ll have lots of things to share in the coming months, but in the meantime I’ve learned I need to work on my mind and achieving some calm in my life. I need to release the need for perfection and just be present to enjoy working on those projects that bring me joy.   I also need to spend less time thinking and more time doing.  I wrote a post last spring titled Spring Clean Your Mind.  I went back to revisit some of the thoughts I want to release and those thoughts I want to nurture. 

Many people are busy during the Spring season.   Mom’s, accountants, pastors and teachers all have extra activities and things that need to be done.  It’s  important to work on nurturing your mind as well as your body.  When my mind is stressed out my body feels it.  I get backaches and my blood pressure rises.  A few things that help calm my mind are: prayer, journaling, creating to do lists, reading inspirational books, talking to friends or my husband about my worries, enjoying a glass of wine and engaging in a mindless activity like watching TV or a movie.  As far as physical activity goes I really enjoy yoga.  You can read about some of the many benefits of yoga here.  I’m also enjoying doing the following video from time to time because it only takes seven minutes and forces me to focus on my breath.  I discovered it from a post by Jess Lively on How Presence Can Be Strengthened.  She gives great examples of strengthening your intangible muscles.



What are some ways you cope with stress this time of year?  Please share in the comments.

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  1. Keri Davey says

    Love your post. If it makes you feel any better my head is spinning too with all the that needs to be done for graduation, having a pretty yard and home. I’m going to “Breathe in and Love out”…….all is good.

    • says

      Yes, all is well. We need to share the breathe in and love out with Mindy at yoga on Friday :) She always has the best quotes after class.

  2. Nancy Clark says

    Hi Dawn,

    I’m sure Ryan’s graduation party will be a blast. I don’t think Marissa’s even getting one.
    I love reading your blog. I love the quote ‘Comparison is the thief of joy’. When I find myself comparing myself to others, I remember this quote.
    Say Hi! to Chris and the kids for me.
    Take care!!!!

    • says

      Good to hear from you Nancy! I’m so glad you enjoy reading my blog. That quote is my favorite and I often have to remind myself of it again and again. It helps put things in perspective. Hope you, your mom and Marissa are doing well.

  3. says

    LOVE that quote. I have been working a lot since the new year on letting it all go and just focusing on what is truly important. So far so good. I should probably take up yoga at some point, too, honestly.-Ashley

    • says

      Thanks Ashley! I really do enjoy yoga. I know it’s not for everybody, but I feel so relaxed and calm afterward. The best part is the last 5 minutes where you just lay there :)

  4. says

    My head’s been spinning too! I’ve kind of taken a break from the blog this week, still have posts going up today and tomorrow, but I’ve been trying to do some planning. My kids’ schedules are starting to get hectic with spring sports and I am just trying to figure it all out!

    • says

      I know the feeling Michelle. I’m just posting 3 times a week until the Spring is over. I think it’s just a crazy time for most Moms. Sometimes you just need to stop and take some deep breaths.

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