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#spring tablescape

Spring is in the air!  I feel like we’ve finally turned that corner where it feels like spring is here to stay in the Midwest and not just teasing us.  I love entertaining pieces and styling food in different ways.   I recently hosted a lunch at my house with some of my friends who’ll be contributing recipes to my blog.  I was able to focus on decorating the table instead of worrying about preparing the food and put some of the things I learned from the online  Skillshare Class: Table-Top Sytling by Justina Blakeney.  I’ve enrolled in a few classes now through Skillshare and loved them.  The classes I’ve taken are mostly for fun and are inexpensive, quick and you have access to the material at any time.

#spring tablescape

I don’t often have the time to devote to decorating my table.  Entertaining can be a lot of work.  Most of the time you have to prepare the meal and clean your house and the presentation is the last thing you might be worried about.  When I have the time, I’m all about the presentation. I’ve learned that for me advanced planning and preparation is the key.  I’m not a very spontaneous person and feel much more relaxed if I have a plan and I’m organized. I had so many different ideas for my spring table setting, but tried to stick with using mostly what I had around the house.  You would be surprised how creative you can be if you search your home for items to repurpose.  Easter decorations like bunnies, chicks and birds can be arranged on your table to make it festive.

#spring centerpiece

I started with my center focal point which was currently on my table in my sunroom.  A friend of mine had give me the glass vase filled with paper white bulbs as a gift.  I placed it in a silver tray from Target with a ceramic bunny and glass orb from Pottery Barn that I had.    Justina says to imagine a triangle on your table and have a focal point.  Usually the tallest piece goes in the middle.  I don’t like anything to tall and obtrusive because then you can’t see your guests sitting across from you.  You should also think about balance and having an even balance of objects across your table.

#spring place setting

When you’re styling a table also think about what color scheme you’d like to use.  I was inspired by some notecards I found at Target.  The birds go with my spring theme and I loved the message on the card.  “Every single day, do something that makes your heart sing.”  The cards add personalization to my table and make a nice take home treat.  You can use place cards, or seasonal items to place on each plate as well.  Some ideas for Easter might be a chocolate nest filled with eggs or a little vase filled with a flower.  My friend Kristin has a salt shaker collection of bunnies and birds which looked cute at each place setting.

DIY flower napkin ring

DIY Flower napkin ring

I used a hair band and a burlap clip on flower from Michaels to hold the notecards in place which was also my take home gift for my friends.  You could also use the flower as a napkin holder.  I also framed two of the cards and displayed them on my table.  You can find inexpensive basic frames at Target, Wal-Mart or even the Dollar store.

#spring place setting

When setting your table include some type of botanical or natural element.  I found a bouquet of salmon colored roses at Sam’s club which tied in with the color of the poppy on the notecard.  You could also use fresh fruits, vegetables or moss instead of flowers.

I hope these tips inspire you to decorate a table for a special occasion sometime.  Please leave any tips you may have as well in the comments.

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    Love it!! Everything looked so beautiful, Dawn! I am not always good about planning ahead, but when I do – it’s wonderful because you have time for all the little details that make it all POP! Loved the image of a “triangle”.. Great suggestions!!


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