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I’ve never been one who excels at team sports.  When I played softball in Junior High PE I always made a bee line for left filed and prayed that the ball would never come near me. I think  there are several reasons I was never much of a team player: lack of confidence and focus, extremely self-conscious, fear of letting my teammates down and perfectionism.  As an adult, I’ve realized sometimes you just need to dive in and have faith.  The more time I take to think and plan things, the more time it takes me to actually act on them.

This is the part where I brag about my kids.  My daughter informed me a few weeks ago that she was going out for the dive team.  My response was, “I didn’t know you even knew how to dive.”  I can see her enjoying diving, but she’s never had any formal training or even practiced at it.  She’s also pretty fearless and a bit of a thrill seeker.  She gets that from her father.  She has yet to have her first meet,  but is enjoying the practices.  In the end, that’s all that really matters and I’m proud of her for diving in to a new sport.

My son is more cautious like his mother.  However, he never ceases to amaze me when it comes to trying new things.  Like me team sports were never really his thing.  Last year he was on the high school pole vault team.  Again my response was, “Your trying out for pole vault?” (picture me with a furrowed brow and sideways smile)  According to my family, I win the prize for best facial expressions. A friend of his was on the team and he decided to dive in and try it.  He enjoyed it so much that he’s doing it again this year. He was also part of a recreational basketball team this year.  He had never played basketball other than in PE and didn’t even know the rules of the game.  However, he dove in and had fun.

I hope these stories inspire you to dive in to a new activity or project.  I know they inspire me.  For more inspiration, check out what my mother-in-law did for her 80th Birthday here.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.”  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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  1. Betsy says

    Good for Lauren and Ryan! I do think you dive in though maybe not athletically but in other ways. You are very courageous in my eyes!

  2. says

    First, I love the photo!!! I’m still not much of a thrill seeker or daredevil… but I think there are always steps we can take outside the comfort zone and who knows? Maybe it will lead to something wonderful!

  3. Keri Davey says

    Love your post! I’m excited for your kids and the new ventures they take on. I tend to be a thrill seeker on vacation just becuase I want to try different things in a new places. Over spring break we learned to surf and snuba and had alot of fun.

  4. says

    My kids all play team sports, but my youngest has discovered that he really loves individual sports better. He feels like he doesn’t have the pressure of letting anyone down and it’s only about his own improvement. I think everyone finds their way at some point!

    • says

      You’re right Michelle, team sports aren’t for everyone and that’s okay. You can still be part of a group, but perform on an individual level. I think the biggest thing is just to be brave and open enough to try something new, not necessarily even sports.

  5. says

    I admire that! Not just that your kids are adventurous, but that you are brave enough to view your fears in this way. I always felt the same way in PE but I sure don’t anymore. It sounds like you dont either :-) Here’s to growing!

  6. Amy Matlock says

    Love this post. I was like you as well and have always been supportive and amazed when my kids want to try something different. My motto for myself and them is: it never hurts to put yourself out there.

    • says

      Thanks Amy! I totally agree :) It can be tough sometimes, but that’s what life is all about. As Brene Brown would say, “Dare Greatly!”

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