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Something that would make me smile is not having to think about what I’m going to wear.  If I was really wealthy I would love to have a chef and a personal stylist.  Lady Grantham of Downton Abbey doesn’t have to worry about cooking or getting herself dressed.  Most of us are not Lady Grantham, but there are resources that can help take the thought process out of both of these things.  This post will focus on what to wear.  I first read about Stitch Fix on the blog Dine and Dish.  Kristen of Dine and Dish had used their services and was happy with them.

Stitch Fix is a website which picks out clothing for you based on your individual style.  You fill out an extensive questionaire on your style preferences, price range and size.  Personal stylists then select five items to send you.  One item is an accessory piece.  The fee is $20 and if you decide to keep any items it’s applied to your purchase.  If you don’t like anything  you can send them all back in a prepaid envelope which is provided, but they keep the $20.

I decided to give StitchFix a try at the beginning of this summer.  I liked most of the items they sent, but didn’t LOVE them.  They were a little pricier than what I normally spend on shirts, but good quality.  The stripped shirt was similar to one I already owned.  I felt like the stylists did a pretty good job of matching my style. Since I can be extremely picky I had my friend Diane come over to check out the pieces.  She was familiar with a few of the brands and agreed they were of good quality.  I decided to keep the necklace, but returned the rest.  However, I would try Stitch Fix again.

If you’re someone who is short on time, doesn’t love to shop or would just like to get out of a clothing rut Stitch Fix may be the answer for you.  It can also be a nice resource if you are shopping for a particular event.  If you give it a try, be sure to let me know what you think.

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  1. says

    Definitely give them another try! I have my 5th fix coming this week. I will say that I’ve really liked my fall/winter clothes from them better than the summer fixes I’ve received. My last fix I only kept one thing but I am anxious to see what they send this time around!

    • says

      Thanks Kristen, I will. I will be needing some Fall clothes. It’s kind of fun to see what they pick and it helps get me out of my box.

  2. Jeanene says

    Thanks Dawn! I created my profile this morning. I too am picky, I’m pretty much a t-shirt and jeans girl. I rarely wear dresses or high heels, but I’m sure there is hope for me!

    • says

      Sure there is! Good luck and let me know what you think. Kristen commented that she liked the Fall/Winter selections better. I will definitely give it another try.

      • Jeanene says

        I just received my Stitch Fix order today and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. I loved 3 of the 5 items and really liked the other 2. I decided to keep them all! Can’t wait for September. I’m a very impatient shopper and therefore can’t find what I like. I don’t like going to different stores, or am not one to pull things off the rack and try them on unless I love it on the hanger – which leaves out a lot of choices!

        • says

          That’s awesome Jeanene! I’m glad you liked everything. I’ve heard their Fall picks are even better. I don’t like trying clothes on either. I have my one or two go to places I like to shop for clothes and that’s about it. I get easily overwhelmed in big department stores. I’d rather shop for accessories or things for my home.

    • says

      Thanks Ulyth! It’s only $20 to give it a try and chances are you may like one thing which in that case the $20 would be applied to your account. Let me know when you get your first stitch fix.

  3. Angela says

    Ok. that is just fun. It’s like getting a present in the mail…even if you have to pay for it. I am going to try it out.

  4. says

    Ooh, this is fun. I like the idea of those subscription service things. Question: since you kept the necklace and sent back the other stuff, you didn’t lose your $20, right? That $20 was applied to the necklace purchase?

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