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There are three times of the year I feel really compelled to de-clutter and purge things: right after Christmas, the Spring and September.  I like to have some sort of a game plan to help keep me focused.  I have to be careful though because I tend to spend too much time planning and not enough doing.  After searching the internet, the following ideas are the ones I found most helpful.

Elise and Emma at A Beautiful Mess shared their secrets for working smarter and not harder.

  1. make lists and stick to them– take a little time to come up with a game plan and list your projects or tasks at hand.
  2. do what you must to avoid distractions– for example don’t answer the phone unless it’s necessary while working on your project or stop to check facebook and email.
  3. prioritize– start with only one or two projects at a time.  I personally have a habit of starting too many things at one time then wind up feeling overwhelmed.  Don’t start a new project until you’ve completed one.

I found a list on pinterest via little lucy lu titled 40 bags in 40 days.  The idea is to list 40 spaces that need to be cleaned out.  I decided to list 30 things and do one each day.  I can pick items on the  list at random depending on how much time I have each day.  After I’ve purged some areas I can then go back and organize.  It can be too overwhelming for me to try and do both at the same time.  This way I can focus on getting rid of things instead of just rearranging piles of stuff.   If you’re wanting more of a full year game plan, I found a nice calendar of ideas for each day of the year at my simpler life.

Instead of bombarding you with a ton of organizational tips, I’ve decided to share them with you in stages as I work on my own home.  If you’re already at the stage where you’ve purged and are ready to organize, the following blogs have tons of ideas:

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creative organizing

delightful order

modern parents messy kids

You can also check out my organization board on pinterest.  I’ve also written a few organization tips on these past posts.  You can click on them to take you to the post.

Bathroom OrganizatonLaundry Room Before and After


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  1. Angie Hurlock says

    Great post, Dawn. Have you also taken a look at It’s changed my life and gotten me organized (or at least close). You might like it, too.

    • says

      Thanks Angie. I will check it out. I need all the help I can get. I cleaned out my pantry today and filled about 3 garbage bags for the trash.


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