7 Easy Easter Tabletop Ideas

7 Easy Easter Tabletop Ideas

I've rounded up 7 easy Easter tabletop ideas which can be created in just a few minutes. I appreciate beautiful table settings and have a whole Pinterest Board dedicated to tablescapes. Creating a pretty table setting can be overwhelming and costly, but it doesn't have to be. These ideas are simple and don't require a ton of extra plates and … [Read more...]

Salmon Baked in Foil

baked salmon in foil packets with tomatoes

I've shared several of Chef Giada De Laurentiis' recipes and this is one of my favorites which also happens to be very easy.  The tomato topping on the salmon gives it a nice flavor and the best part about this recipe is there is minimal clean up since you bake the salmon in foil. My daughter isn't a big fan of tomatoes, but for some reason she … [Read more...]

Throwback Recipe Thursday

reader favorite recipes

As I mentioned on Monday, I'm on a little break this week.  Recipes are some of my more popular posts due to Pinterest so I thought I'd recap some of the recipes people have told me they made and loved.  You might find one or two you missed or it might be an opportunity to give one a try this week. Most of the recipes I make are very easy. I don't … [Read more...]

Throwback Smile Stories

smile quote

I'll be taking a little blogging break this week and hopefully a ton of smiling.  This past February marked my three-year blogging anniversary.  I've learned a lot in the past three years and I appreciate all of you who read my blog and follow me on my blogging journey. I thought I'd share some of my past favorite posts and perhaps you might … [Read more...]

Peanut Butter Protein Balls

peanut butter protein balls

These peanut butter protein balls make a great healthy pick me up in the morning, afternoon and evening. My hairstylist Nancy, who I also consider a friend, shared this recipe for Peanut Butter Protein Balls with me.  I look forward to seeing Nancy not only for a cut and color, but for the conversation. When you click with your hairstylist it's a … [Read more...]

Faith & Salmon Fishing in Yemen

faith quote

"Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase." This is one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  I recently watched the movie Salmon Fishing in Yemen starring Emily Blunt, Ewan McGregor and Kristin Scott Thomas. It's a story about fly fishing, political spinning, love and faith.  The cliff notes … [Read more...]

My Best Kept Secret for Stress Relief

RESUCE Remedy Pastilles

  I have several things I do to help relieve stress like taking yoga classes, journaling every morning, and praying, but my best kept secret is RESCUE Remedy.   I heard about RESCUE Remedy years ago on the Dr. Oz show.  I had to quit watching Dr. Oz otherwise I would currently own a small pharmacy, but that's a whole other story for a … [Read more...]

A Fire & Ice Party

fire and ice wreath

My friend Mary loves to entertain and when she throws a party she puts her heart and soul into it.  I've shared a few of her past parties here and here. The American Heart Association is a charity near and dear to her heart (no pun intended).  I had the opportunity to attend a Fire and Ice Party she hosted last month to raise funds for the American … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Pork Stew with Cilantro

pork stew

A friend of mine recently asked me if I had any good crock pot recipes.  I made this pork stew with cilantro a few months ago and had forgotten to share it. This was the first time I'd ever made a pork stew and to be truthful the first time I've heard of a pork stew. I was pleasantly pleased with the results and will definitely make it again.  It's … [Read more...]

10 High-End vs Drugstore Makeup Products

high-end vs drugstore makeup products

If you're looking to refresh your makeup this Spring this list of 10 high-end versus drugstore makeup products may come in handy.  I'm not an expert on beauty products and have always struggled with applying makeup.  I tend to sport a more au naturel look; however, as I get older I'm finding the need to define my eyes more despite my not so steady … [Read more...]

The Smile List

mascarpone chocolate toffee bars 3

I'm sharing the recipe for these mascarpone chocolate toffee bars over at my friend Dina's blog Buttercream Bakehouse.  Dina is a military wife and mother and loves to share delicious desserts and party ideas on her blog.  She shared some of her favorite baking items on my blog in this past post.  My sister-in-law makes these mascarpone chocolate … [Read more...]

Italian Meatloaf Recipe

italian meatloaf

Meatloaf isn't one of the most original or exciting dishes, but this Italian Meatloaf recipe is one of my favorites.  I found the recipe in Cooking Light magazine years ago. The addition of sun-dried tomatoes and basil give it an Italian flavor and make it unique compared to your standard meatloaf recipe.  I'm part Italian and a little partial to … [Read more...]

An Author’s Favorite Books

an author's favorite books

One of my favorite things to learn about people is what their favorite books are. A person's book selections can tell you a lot about their personality and what excites or fascinates them. Susan W. Lyons is an avid reader and author of the children's book Sea Dogs (and a cat).  I shared her book in this list of books for the book lover in your … [Read more...]

Bernie’s Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

spaghetti sauce

My Dad loves to make spaghetti sauce and is very picky when it comes to spaghetti sauce. One of my fondest memories growing up is having a spaghetti dinner every Sunday at my grandmother's house.  This tradition continued for several years at my own home.  My father doesn't cook a lot, but one of the things he likes to make is spaghetti sauce.  I … [Read more...]

Maya Angelou Quotes to Live By

Maya Angelou quote

I'm going through a decluttering frenzy right now and came across an email I had printed out from a friend titled Maya Angelou's quotes to live by.  There are many great words written by renowned author and poet,  Dr. Maya Angelou and although I didn't know her personally she appeared to be someone who practiced what she preached. These are a … [Read more...]

Winter Weather Must-Haves

winter must haves

Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil said there is going to be six more weeks of winter and I believe him.  We've been lucky and have had a mild winter in Kansas.  I can't imagine living in the Northeast right now.  Two weekends ago we were all outside in short sleeves and this past weekend we were bundled up in our coats and gloves again. I'm not a big fan … [Read more...]

Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Chicken Pasta

Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Pasta

This sun-dried tomato and basil chicken pasta is full of flavor and I've added several shortcuts which will enable you to get dinner on the table in minutes. A friend of my sister-in-laws made it for a group of people and it's something I would also make for guests.  You can transfer it to a 9 x 13 pan, cover and refrigerate for later.  I served … [Read more...]

Five Free Printable Love Quotes

Love printable quotes

I'll be sharing quotes on Love every Wednesday this month. Below are links to five free printable love quotes.  I like to pin quotes on my kitchen bulletin board and in my office as little positive reminders. I'm not a natural cheerleader so it takes a little work on my part to be positive.  If you are a new reader to my blog, you might be thinking … [Read more...]

Great Wine Selections from a Wine Lover

8 great wines

My friend Anne is passionate about wine like I am about desserts.  I've always enjoyed the many different wines she has shared with me over the years. She has great taste when it comes to wine so I invited her to share some of her favorite white and red wines.  I think the saying "you get what you pay for" can be true of some wines, but there are … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Oreo Croissant Envelopes

Valentine's Day Oreo Croissant Envelopes

  This recipe for Oreo Croissant Envelopes makes a fun Valentine's Day dessert your kids will love.  They taste just like a chocolate croissant. I created this recipe for Oreo Croissant Envelopes sort of by mistake. I had seen an ad in the coupon section for Oreo Buns and thought they looked interesting.  My daughter and husband are huge … [Read more...]

Wednesday Wisdom: May You Live A Life You Love

May You Live A Life You Love

Since Valentine's Day is this month I thought I'd share quotes on LOVE.  My friend Jessica at Pen and Paper Flowers chose the book May You Live A Life You Love from Compendium for her monthly book club. Jessica loves to create and share inspirational quotes and I'm inspired by her daily messages of hope, joy and love on instagram.  I naturally had … [Read more...]

Top 10 Lush Products for Pampering Yourself

Top 10 Lush Products

Since February is the month of passion I've asked several friends to share their top 10 items of things they're passionate about. I can always tell when someone is passionate about something because their eyes light up when you mention the subject and they could talk for hours on end about it.  My teenage daughter and her friend Halle are extremely … [Read more...]

Chicken Tortilla Soup

chicken tortilla soup

This chicken tortilla soup is sure to warm you up over the cold winter months.  We had a little taste of Spring like weather this week, but now old man winter is back.  My friend Kristin shared this chicken tortilla soup with me.  It's delicious and perfect for a cold winter day. You can make it in a slow cooker, but Kristin typically just … [Read more...]

Words of Wisdom Wednesday

gratitude quote

A quote can turn my day around, give me a fresh perspective and make me smile.  I've always loved quotes and there have been many instances in my life where a certain quote came to me at a time I really needed to read or hear  it.  Call it synchronicity if you will or coincidence, but I believe it's Divine Intervention.  I've been rereading the … [Read more...]

21 Healthy Game Day Appetizers & Cocktails

21 Healthy game day recipes

The internet is buzzing with Super Bowl Party Recipes, Game Day Decorations and football rules and regulations on deflated footballs.   I personally am all about the food.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to jump on the Super Bowl Bandwagon this year, but after talking with my hair stylist she said she'd like to see more healthy recipes for Super Bowl … [Read more...]

Five Fun Family Games

Favorite Family Games

Game nights are a great way to bond with family and friends. We played a lot of games over the Christmas break while my parents were visiting. There were a few games I hadn't played in a while like Sequence and Mexican Train Dominoes that were fun to revisit.  Ever since Christmas I've been in a game playing mode. Growing up my family played a lot … [Read more...]

Creamy Smoked Salmon Dip

smoked salmon dip

This creamy smoked salmon dip is easy to throw together and tastes great on crackers or served with vegetables. I found the recipe in Real Simple Magazine and I shared how I get lots of great recipes and ideas from Real Simple in this post. My husband isn't a big fan of salmon, but I enjoy it and often order it when we eat out at … [Read more...]

Me Time and Magazines


"This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and PEOPLE StyleWatch® and Real Simple® but all my opinions are my own. #PMedia #NewYearMeTime  http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV”. Reading magazines is a simple joy for me and one of my favorite ways to spend "me time". My husband will vouch for this … [Read more...]

Favorite Organization Products from The Seana Method

Top Home Organization Finds

A new year brings new goals, a fresh start and sometimes lots of extra stuff from the holidays.  I'm in the process of decluttering and organizing like many people this month.  I use the word process because unfortunately it's not something that will happen overnight. I wish I had a Professional Organizer like Seana from The Seana Method to … [Read more...]

Eggplant Parmesan Soup

eggplant parmesan soup

During the winter months I make a lot of soup dinners for my family. I rarely ever eat soup during the summer unless it's a cold soup like this gazpacho.  This past week the weather was in the single digits and below zero with wind chills.   A bowl of steaming hot soup is the perfect meal for cold nights.   My friend Anne shared this eggplant … [Read more...]

My Most Popular Posts of 2014

top 10 posts of 2014

I don't know about you, but it always takes me a few weeks into January before I'm re-energized and ready to take on the New Year.  I've spent a few days reflecting on last year and thinking about my goals for this blog in 2015.  I started Joyful Scribblings in February of 2012 and as of today have published 550 posts. Below are my top 10 most … [Read more...]

My One Little Word for 2015

inspirational quote for your new year

One little word can have so much power and influence which is why every year for the past four years I have picked a word to focus on.  I came across the One Little Word idea through Ali Edwards who offers a class titled One Little Word.  I originally wrote about it in this post.  I don't participate in the class anymore, but it's a fun and … [Read more...]

My Month on Instagram

december pictures

Happy New Year! This is my month of December in review on Instagram.  I challenged myself to share a picture every day leading up until Christmas this year that represented the season.  This wasn't part of any organized photo a day challenge, but something I wanted to do for myself.  I've attempted photo a day challenges in the past, but was never … [Read more...]

Joy Peace Love


I wish you all Joy, Peace and Love this holiday season! My dog Fritz was the model for my Christmas card this year.  I actually took this picture a few years ago and came across it at Thanksgiving.  My kids hate posing for pictures so this is what happens when I'm short on time and don't have a good family picture, my dog becomes the star of the … [Read more...]

My Christmas Home Tour

Christmas decor

Welcome to my home for Christmas.  I've loved checking out other blogger's Christmas home tours and thought I'd share a peek into my home decorated for the holidays.  My home is by no means glamorous, but I enjoy making it cozy and it has evolved and changed over the past 15 years. I have one Christmas tree that's filled with ornaments I've … [Read more...]

Spiced Holiday Tea Recipe

spiced holiday tea

I made this spiced holiday tea for a few of my friends and it was enjoyed by all.  You can drink it hot or cold, but this time of year I like to drink it hot. This holiday tea is full of the flavors of the season: cinnamon, cranberry, and cloves. The recipe makes four one cup servings, but I tripled the recipe and it kept in the refrigerator for … [Read more...]

Gifts that Keep Giving


You may be at a point right now where you're at a loss on what to give someone this holiday season.  How about  a gift that keeps on giving? I hate buying things just to have something for someone to open, but they'll never use it.  There are tons of people and organizations in need this time of year and I thought I'd share a few that I've … [Read more...]

Gift Wrapping with Tea Towels

tea towel gift wrap

Tea towels are not only useful for drying dishes, but they make great easy gift wrap that you can reuse.  You can find inexpensive tea towels that cost just as much as a gift bag or wrapping paper.  A great time to stock up on Holiday printed towels is after Christmas when they are on clearance. A few years ago I was on a Rum Chata kick and … [Read more...]

Holiday Drink & Dessert Recipes

10 Holiday Desserts

I could use a team of elves about now, how about you? Every year I have high aspirations of baking, decorating and crafting in addition to shopping, wrapping presents and sending Christmas cards.  I'm a planner, but no matter how hard I try my mind just doesn't want to think about Christmas in July or even in October for that matter.  I'm also an … [Read more...]

Gifts for the Book Lover

Gifts for the Book Lover

I love books and I could spend days writing about all of my favorite books, but I still have a lot of merry-making to do this holiday season. However, I wanted to share a few favorites of mine and I'm giving away a new children's book signed by the author.  All you have to do is a leave a comment and tell me one of your favorite books. I … [Read more...]